Canteen Booking System Help

1. Help on "employee booking"

Click “Employee Booking”, this will opens booking screen

Step - I :

Enter ALL THE THREE INPUT FIELDS. ie., Booking Date , Item & Quantity Additionally, Select ‘Service - Location’ in case of ‘Tea time Snacks’

Step - II :

Click on “Submit” Button.. If all the three inputs are Valid, Booking Success Message is displayed. How to Enter Input Fields ?

Help topic Procedure
Booking Date Click on the Hyperlink, It will Open up a Calendar, from which Booking Date can be Selected. Rules: 1. Booking Date Cannot be Blank 2. Booking Date Cannot be Past Date 3. For Breakfast, it cannot be Current Date
Item From the Drop – Down List, Select the Required Item. Note: All the items ended with (S) indicates ‘Subsidy’ Items, and the items ended with (N) are ‘Non-Subsidy’ Items. For Employees, only the Subsidy items are displayed.
Quantity Enter Any Positive Integer between 1 to 10. Rules: 1. Quantity Cannot be Zero or Negative 2. For Lunch & Dinner, Quantity Cannot be greater than ‘1’.
Service - Location  Service Location can be selected from the drop down list in the case of “TEA TIME SNACKS’ only.

Booking / Cancellations Timings :

Item name Balanagar Timings Shadnagar Timings
Breakfast Previous Day ( by 4.00 PM ) Previous Day ( by 4.00 PM )
Lunch Current Day ( by 11:00 AM ) Current Day ( by 11:00 AM )
Dinner Current Day ( by 4.00 PM ) Current Day ( by 4.00 PM )
Tea Time snacks at 3:30 PM Current Day (by 11:00 AM) Current Day (by 11:00 AM)
Evening snacks at 6:00 PM Current Day ( by 4:00 PM ) NA

2. Help for "booking report" and "Cancellations"

Click the hyperlink “Booking Report”, this will open the report

Step - I:

 Enter From & To dates.

Step - II:

 Click on “Show” Button. This will show report on booked items between the specified dates.

For Cancellation:

Step - I:

 Click on the hyperlink for Booking No./ Financial Year column for Cancelling the record.

Step - II:

 This will take you to Cancellation screen. Step - III Press “Cancel Record” to cancel the particular booking. Appropriate message will be displayed after the transaction.

3. Change password

Click the hyperlink “Change Password”, this will open the screen

The ECNO will be displayed,

Step - I :

 Enter Current Password, New Password and Re-enter New Password.

Step - II:

 Click on “Change Password” Button. If the inputs are valid, Password will be changed and the message “Your Password is changed. Please Sign Out and Re-login with your new password” will be displayed.




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